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The Iran Contra Continued And The War On Drugs

September 18, 2020

In this episode we discuss more details around the Iran Contra and get into international drug policies. We also bring up Trump's recent town hall and the latest update on Breonna Taylor's case against LMPD.


Topics This Week

-The Iran Contra

-$12M Settlement For Breonna Taylor Family

-International Drug Laws & US Drug Policy

-Trump Town Hall Meeting


Tracks This Week

-Cabin Fever - Jaden Smith

-Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday

-Soup Is Good Food - The Dead Kennedys

-Golden Eye - Action Bronson


Bonus Links

-ABC News: Covering Breonna Taylor Settlement


-Vice: Why Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs


-Joe Rogan & Johann Hari: Why The War On Drugs Doesn't Work

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