Soundtrack For Democracy

Soundtrack For Democracy - Thesis Episode

July 7, 2020

Episode 1

In this episode of the podcast, Nick and Marq start with an overview on their political leanings, describe their path to following the news and how that lead to the idea for the series. 

Topics This Week

Florida Man Goes Off About Mask Policy

Supreme Court Stopping Dakota Access Pipeline

Kanye For President

Republicans And The Religious Right

FBI Letter To MLK


Tracks From This Episode

West Coast Shit - Pop Smoke

Tell Me A Story - Iggy Pop

Wash Us In The Blood - Kanye West

Yankee And The Brave - Run The Jewels

Baby Love - The Supremes


Bonus Links 

Top 40 Weekly Database -

Hey Arnold! The Music Vol. 1 -

Steve Bannon (Not Robert Spencer) -

Citizens United -

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