Soundtrack For Democracy

Soundtrack For Democracy - Army Pauses Twitch Campaigns & Elon Musk Opposes More Stimulus

July 26, 2020

This episode covers the recent Elon Musk tweet regarding additional stimulus for the pandemic and Bernie Sanders' response along with a discussion on the tactics the Army uses to conduct marketing campaigns through live streaming platforms like Twitch and Discord.


Topics This Week

Representation In Porn

Trump Loses Grip On White Suburbans

Army Pauses Twitch Activity

Elon Musk Stand Against More Stimulus

City Budgets "Defunding" The Police


Tracks From This Episode

You Ain't Talking To Me - Eddie Norton

Honey Bucket - The Melvins


Bonus Links

What Does Defund The Police Mean? -

Video Game Designed By Military -

Latest On Eviction Moratorium -

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