Soundtrack For Democracy

Biden Campaign’s True Colors & A History Of The USPS

August 28, 2020

Nick and Marq dive back into the news this week to discuss the lackluster conventions from the Democrats and Republicans along with the recent case of police brutality in Kenosha, WI. Going further, we analyze the Biden/Harris platform and get a brief history of the United States Postal Service.


Topics From This Week

RNC and DNC Highlights

Biden/Harris Platform Waivers

Another Unarmed Victim Of Police Brutality

The USPS Debacle


Tracks From This Week

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

Circles - Trey Songz

Bucciarati - Open Mike Eagle

Dismembered - K.U.K.L


Bonus Links

Circles Music Video -

USPS History -

Katie Porter Grilling Louis Dejoy -

Team Biden Now Signals Austerity, Despite Campaign Pledges -

1984 United States presidential debates -



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