Soundtrack For Democracy

A Disease In D.C.

August 7, 2020

For this episode of the show we discuss progressive candidate, Cori Bush, unseating a 20 year incumbent, and what that means for the state of the democratic party. We also talk about the AIDS crisis of the 80's, and the recap the history of the United States' confederate statues and how the Daughter's of The Confederacy helped shape the past and present narratives around them.


Topics This Week

UBI For All

The Obama's Pretentious Take On Young Voters

George Floyd Leaked Footage

15 Minutes Salmon Recipe

Confederate Monuments And Their Legacy

Ebonics and Code Switching


Tracks From This Week

The Bigger Picture - Lil Baby

Blurred Lines - Pharrell, Robin Thicke, TI

Living Single - JPEGMafia

Sacred Love - Bad Brains



Bonus Links

ACLU Legal Director Jeffrey Robinson - Discussing Confederate Monuments -

VOX Daughters Of The Confederacy -

Michelle & Barack Obama Podcast Episode -

Seinfeld Episode 6 Season 9 - The Merv And Griffith Show Clip -


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